Monday, February 2, 2009

Terrorist Dreams

If i were a Terrorist running in the sun.
I'll put on my shades and take out my gun
Pray to the almighty and begin to act like a clown..
Steal a BMW and drive it round the town..
pump up the volume and roll down the windows..
When i get tired i'll go make some widows..
Then steal a Merc and put on an Armani jacket..
Throw some grenades and create a huge racket..
I'll make some bombs and mix some molotov cocktails too..
Then plant the bombs in a secret zoo ..
for my evening break go for a swim in the sea..
After that i'll burn the city with glee..
I'll sync the bombs to my precision Swiss watch..
then sit in the bar and drink some scotch..
a couple of drinks later i don't want to pay the bill..
So i take my AK 47 and go for the kill..
I light a havana cigar on my way out..
Watch the people scream and shout..
Get into the limo waiting outside for me..
Put on some Punjabi music and plan to flee.
Last stop ahead i head to the helipad..
My helicopter delayed due to traffic which was bad..
This fills my heart with rage
and so i begin my jihadi rampage..
Call my fidayeen and ask them to come up with their innovative plans ..
i ask them to ngage in a game of bomber man..
As i log on to my website and address my fans..
They belong to all classes from politicians to the common man..
A couple of film stars and members of the ku klux klan..
A few item girls too for my pleasure
a few of them from the legislature
Its night and getting pretty late..
I have to prepare for my date with fate.
I board the plane waitin for me .
Take it for a short flight with my friends - Ash n Sush
We head to America and search for our guru mr bush.
Such a charismatic little man - full of drama .
He was having dinner with our dear Mr Osama .
We take our pay checks and plan an adventure trip to New york city.
Our plan is to kill innocent ppl without remorse or pity..
we fly high up into the air ...
Have some Mile high fun and crash down into Times Square.:)


Magic Mukul said...


Magic Mukul said...

“If you're going to tell people the truth, be funny or they'll kill you.”

the turncoat said...

When i get tired i'll go make some widows..


sounds like quite a routine :)

mayank said...

Good Satire Yaar..Good comeback :) A funny take with an underlying sarcasm..Have been a patron of this style always..Taaliyan

Ko said...

mast :) padh ke baut mazaa aaya

aman said...

thanks a lot ppl!! and i must say pata nahi mayank ne meetings mein kya bola...par saare poets nikle PEC mein...congrats dude!