Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living Death

Caught in his cell,

he thought 

of that long ago hell.

What could have been but was not...

In every tear,

a mother's fear,

in every touch 

a father's clutch...

A flash of steel

a headless corpse

a cry of fear

from a hunted deer...

The butcher fled

as his mother bled

convicted of murder

his broken will had to surrender...

The silence was deafening

he thought he was dreaming

but then realised

inside his head, a boy was still screaming... 


Vinayak said...

dark, very dark... good to see dark clouds in the way of sunshine :)

mayank said...


Dark theme yes. I have gotten used to an overload of gothic/emo this're the first boy to be meandering this way though..Good attempt..Weak at places, but good structure overall