Friday, February 20, 2009


For that star who is brighter than the sun........ROCK*

Dad always said i ain't the perfect son

But i knew for sure i'd be rocking when i'm done

Religious rehearses in rented apartments

Not killing time cramming academic parchments

Not etching formulas on the walls of my brain

Two days down the line,it would all go down the drain

I was born to be the harbinger of noise

Amps and pedals used to be my toys

It was no different as on that night

My six string shredded the silence of twilight

Cause when i forced the decibel to rise

It left my cult feeling hypnotisized

Amidst the multitude of the seemingly possessed

I could see some faces which looked perplexed

Illusioned by the grandeur they gazed in astound

Before yielding to the hysteria profound

And when the crowd asked for an encore,i couldn't deny

Having crowned me as the undisputed king thereby

God had already scripted my success story

My treacherous companions being fame and glory

Today i stand tall on these pillars of sand

Having buried all doubts, i have vindicated my stand

I head the rebellion against the tyranny of silence

Riding perilously on the waves of defiance

ROCK is the music on which the soul does feed

And i give this elixir to those in need......


mayank said...

Dad always said i ain't the perfect son
But i knew for sure I'd be rocking when I'm done

Isn't that jack black in school of rock?

grammar error
for that star *which is* brighter than the sun.

you could Brian may at least, if not Satriani..
An advice..Don't build your poem around a rhyme scheme, try to make the rhyme scheme a part of the poem..I hope that makes some sense

kaushl's 666) :)...its pretty much there in the is abhi-shake.

Good attempt man, keep writing, and never give up on metal

mayank said...

could be*

abhi-shake said...

D beginning was totally intentional…
Dats y I kept those 2 lines separate n not included dem in ne stanza

I guess*who is* isn’t wrong (i.e if I’m allowed 2 counter)

Thx neways n don’t worry bout me givin up on metal;-P

Skywise said...

\m/ metal rules and you ain't too far behind :)...rock on!