Thursday, February 5, 2009

Realm of Dreams

What if….
One fine day all our dreams come true
I wonder what this world would turn into?
Would it ….
Become a better place to live in
Sans evil, free from all sin?
Would it…
Renounce all its greed,
Become united irrespective of caste or creed?
There be an end to the widespread apathy,
A little more understanding, a little more empathy?
Man learn from his previous errors,
Rescue this world from all its terrors?
Or would…
The world go on as if nothing occurred,
With its egoistic prayers being heard?
Humans continue the despicable exploitation of mother earth,
Never realize her value or worth?
It is too much to expect,
This world can never be perfect?
It is too late to make amends,
This is the way it all ends....


Vinayak said...

hey palak, that was one good read... a very good scheme adopted that would keep the reader interested till the very end. do write more here :)

Palak said...

thanks :) that was my first shot at poetry..

mayank said...

Reminded me of Black Eye peas for some reason :)
Yes decent rhyme scheme, its always easier to limit the scope through a rhyme scheme and embed thoughts in between. Fairly ok first attempt