Friday, February 6, 2009

love at first sight

love at first sight
from rock garden to rose garden
from backward to modern
from teachers to preachers
from toddlers to seniors
all talk about love at first sight

whether its dark or light
whether its wrong or right
whether its peace or fight
whether its pepsi or coke diet
i always think about my love at first sight

one day when clock struck nine
i felt my heart wasnt fine
none but i heard the bells ringing
eventually,i realised that my heart was singing
i didnt knew who was at my left or right
soon i realized that it was my love at first sight

when days were short,and long were the nights
when nothing in my life was going right
when drona appeared better than dark knight
when my mobile bills were at the greatest height
i assumed it was the time to end my love at first sight

but the sight for love never ends......


mayank said...

fun rhyme and a decent last stanza