Tuesday, February 3, 2009


She kisses his picture as she sits in the dark
an unrequited love has left its mark.
She slits her wrist with the sharpest blade
her final retort to the goodbye he bade.
He sleeps unaware and he sleeps untouched
by the streaks of the blood in which his name once rushed.

He waits to see his young bride
with a bit of anxiety and a bit of pride.
In her heart she strongly protests
but to no one does she ever confess
where she wishes to be and remains
like a bird confined to her nest.

She cries herself to sleep by counting
the shards of her broken dreams,
the memories of her wedding scene.
The end of her wedded life,
the beginning of a lonesome strife,
her life reduced to nothing more than a river without a dike.

She sleeps in his lap, she sleeps with a smile.
He lets his heart take control for a while.
He looks at her, then he looks deep within
he fights with the feelings he has always hidden.
She sleeps fully aware of his continuous stare
yet to tell the truth, no one dares...


deepanshu said...

great work....
i must confess i love ur creation...

Divya said...

thanks :)