Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Some dots of life, some dots of death,
I languish for triumph, for this ‘tic-tac-toe’ holds the bet...

One moment all seems perfect,
The other, nothing falls in place,
And the moments in between,
harrowing for space

Out of the island, into the highway,
Myriad faces cross, wish-‘one may stay,
I don’t wanna feel, that I am alone,
My soul so numb, spirit sleeping cold

What I want from life, I am unacquainted,
What it wants from me, is a thought so tainted,
I’ve been living a lie-my heart’s in doubt,
Without a thought, without a voice,
With the faulty bonds, that I am confused about.

I can’t block em’ out,
I keep shutting my eyes,
All wrong things said,
At exactly the wrong times

I am in serious mess, I feel totally lost,
Somebody holds my hand, takes me outta this chaos
Cos again...
Some dots of life, some dots of death
I languish for triumph, for this tic-tac-toe holds the bet...

this is my second attempt towards writing a poem..
& great help from mayank..


IsHiTa said...

Already told ya but i'll say it again- I loved the theme .

anumeha said...

amazing theme!!!!

myanka said...

theme-found it to be the most easy to begin writing though..!:)

Vinayak said...

it is isnt it ? a poem of O's and X's

myanka said...

yes exactly..!:)

Silky said...

pretty realistic eh...:P
mast hai...!!