Thursday, October 30, 2008


My mind is quagmire of little thoughts
That churns me within and ties me in knots.
No matter how hard i try to put them aside,
They return to torment and prick my hide.

I really wonder why there is hatred all round,
When God perfected love for all to spread around,
Why is there jealousy and spite in every mind,
When it pays to be very compassionate and kind.

Why should there be anger whenever provoked?
Ever thought of the solace of peace when evoked?
Why is there friction and unrest everywhere?
When unity can happen with gentleness and care.

Why do people lie and cheat every other time?
Isn't the power of truth so sweet and sublime?
Why do people pretend and brag for no reason?
When being natural suits every person.

Why do people hate and go to the extent to kill?
Not blinking even once,they do it even for a thrill,
God created us to live together in amity and peace,
Why the need to quarrel,Oh God!Let all hatred cease.

Why do people feign not recognize faces?
And pass by looking elsewhere or onto their shoelaces,
When happiness lies in sharing friendship with the other,
Why ignore someone who could be as close as your brother.

Why have people turned so greedy and cruel at heart?
With no other emotion than to hate from the start,
They are ignorant,these peolpe who don't even realize,
They are living in a boat that will sooner or later capsize.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Is it okay to ask your nurse out?

Is it okay to ask your nurse out?
Readers, I seek your guidance on this monumental question which has been tormenting me lately. Due to the good I must have done in my previous lifetime, I landed up at Fortis hospital. All was fine, and by that I mean nothing out of ordinary happened, till the shift of the nurses changed.
The clock said 8 pm and in she walked into the room and hence my life. I was barely in a position to stare. I was waking up just for going to the washroom and planned on going back to sleep. But just like out of a story, I was awake at the precise time she entered and could do nothing but stare. That was the first encounter. You`d think that the last thing a person with dengue would have on their mind is checking out their nurse. Well...u thought wrong.
The next day was spent scolding myself for not paying attention to her name tag. Ahem, you see, I was too busy looking at her face. She had a kind of face which is always smiling no-matter when you look. Her smile lit up the world. And the radiance just forces you to smile back. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the cute pony tail she had. In short, I think I had fallen head over heels for her. She came, she saw, and she conquered and I still did not have the name because alas, I couldn’t read without my glasses. Dengue patients wouldn’t normally need glasses. The classes were in some goddamn cupboard.
The next day and I almost asked the day nurse what the name of night nurse was. But then that would be making it too obvious. I just held back. I was in far better shape when she came in next. Had been improving by leaps and bounds. I made some small talk. Where did she live etc etc. My Father jumped into the conversation suddenly . He had been stoically at my side since my illness, making sure everything works out. But alas, he is better at conversation. ‘What now?’ ,I thought. ‘Do I have to compete with my father for attention. Father, go back to your paper please.’
Shit. Another night had gone and I still did not know her name. My health had improved a lot. That night would have probably been my last night .I was desperately waiting for 8 pm. Father wasn’t there. He had gone to grab a bite. Finally, I thought I would make some conversation. 9 pm -dinner came in. 10 pm -no clue of her. 11pm -another sister comes in to give medicine. I painstakingly realized that my last day was her off day too.
I got discharged the next day. Just as I was leaving on a wheel chair, she was coming in. she probably had a day shift. I accused her of abandoning me the night before. She said it was her night off. All I could say was bye. She raised her hand in greeting and off went my chair.
I just remember a particularly trying time in my illness when we all had a scare. My platelets count fell down a lot and I needed an infusion. She was there, gently caressing my arm, so that the liquid could go in faster, and her radiant smile reassuring me that it would be okay.
Did she do that for everybody, the smile, the hop, the calming conversation? I guess so. But maybe, just maybe, I was special to her too. By the way, while I was waving to her, I finally did get the name….

Alas, I saw the video when i came back home :(

I was lucky enough that my Dengue fever cured after just 1 transfusion. My neighbour is suffering from Dengue and she already has had 3 transfusions. And my doctor told me that she recently had a case who required 21 transfusions. If given a chance please do donate blood. it can make a lot of difference to somebody