Friday, February 6, 2009


The six letters sound so special,
A special meaning they explain,
Why even a short dazzle,
Becomes so hard to sustain.

A life so short and so small,
So many relations it holds,
A silent breeze and slight snowfall,
Life’s pleasures it infolds.

It is the wind you breathe around,
So important to encase,
The only one special in crowd surround,
Nothing else can replace.

Affectionate love, Selfless care,
The elegant delights dawned,
Unfolded hand which never despairs,
Defines an eternal bond.

In times of joys, grief, misery,
The one and only to depend,
This defines a simple corollary,
That’s you my dear FRIEND!


Vinayak said...

Hey nice job aishwarya, Friends seem to be a hot topic these days ... carry on the good work, id like to see more from you.

Ko said...

hello aishwarya, i think you got more worried about rhyming your lines right than writing poetry :)

there are some places where the meaning of the lines doesnt hold together, despite a nice structure and meter. i won't point those parts out, but see if you can figure out what i'm trying to say and improve your work-- you have the talent, so dont be so self-conscious! thanks

deepanshu said...

hey dude some nice lines ...
and the other day u were saying u can't write and that's surely ironical as you yourself go far ahead to prove that u can write and that too a beautiful poem....
P.S- I donno if i commenting is in my capacity.

Aishwarya Jain said...

@ all.. thnx a lott fr d appraisals!! its realy nyc to hav dem here.. and esp @ ko.. ma'm spl thnx to u... ur words surely help improve and try put in som good work here!!!

suhail said...

way to go team......
and yea aishwarya...nice effort....try and luk upto the seniors....
hhehehe...i mean my seniors....