Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear SAASCout’s,

Well I’ve lost my blog-ginity and what better way to loose it than to loose it a subject that I love and care about. As this will be the first blog entries iam going to write what I really think of the people around ie the rest of the so called SAASCouts ( that’s what I am going to call us from now on, It’s the same with the ED’s their called chEDdies).
I am going to take the top down approach. That makes us start with the head. Well after I rejected the position it was given to the next best thing, some guy named Mayank raina. His dog instead of eating his homework chews on his razor so that’s why he cant shave and the reason he can’t ‘run’ for president is because he’s a bit hefty. He and his partner in crimes like irritating innocent bystanders who don’t understand English is Mohit Rodeja. They call him ‘roady’ because of his resemblance to the road in every sense, even the 2 speed breakers upfront. An intellectual marvel who listens to Lata mangeshkar every night before he sleeps because it gives him some kind of high.Then comes the 2 lost in transition Laurel and hardy pair of Go-Swami and Dar-hakim . They can sit up nights together arguing weather the chicken came first or the egg . The girls in the 4th year aren’t make-fun material but I do know the Queen chEDddie Mansi is definitely in the world record books because she’s the tallest midget I know. Divya and latika look to be those girls who are in the end of the line in a cat women audition.
That brings us to the 3rd year starting off with my favorite little batch of gingerbread men/women/vinayak’s. I’ve grown to attached to this group. Vinayaks sponge stomach, Aseems uptight, up-close and personal pant’s, Rampuria’s “I’am you’re real dad” jokes, Vinay’s resemblance to Mr. Bean , Advitya breathing all the CO2 we breathe out because all the air goes up there, The Aman deserves a whole page on this topic but he’s lucky for being escused because my fingers need some energy for the special people about to come. The girls of year 3 aren’t that interesting and plus they would probably mind being torn apart on the internet.
Then come’s our 2nd year’ites. We got this dude (Astha)and its just great to see homosexuals being welcomed so warmly into our community. We got the man with the tshirt and sweat combo in summers in Kshitij and his female bodyguard Digvijay, A person who made a promise to never enter a barber shop again for reasons much beyond my little dogs intellect. There’s this dude who looks and dresses like a squirrel called Nangu, his nose is so blocked that his lungs have constructed another windpipe through his jeans (probably explains why their always torn). We got GSB, a scentbomb which goes off and effects a km radius around it. Its so harmful india has him mentioned in their weapons arsenal along with the agni missiles. I have left out a few of the people because of their low profile around me, yes that includes you divya, sohail and some other names I always forget.
From our animated little freshers batch I know a few but I cant ruin their self esteem and confidence so fast. As they spend more time around me they should be compensated for. I would like to add special mention to 2 really cute girls though. Ones that girl with a great smile and even more great hair Astha, shes’s like one of em small action figures which keep smilling. The second if that smart little 10 pointer whose according to me the most innocent and cute thing walking around in this sanctuary namely PEC .
That ends a moderately entertaining session. Hope you took this in the right sense ie offense.

“Stable relationships are for horses”



vaibhav said...

maths class in print
*sighs* yes angad one of days ill get back at you

mayank said...

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time...Whoever doesn't take this in good humor and takes offense is a tarantula with bad breath..
My stomach is hurting from laughing this hard..
And please, yes, I'd like to see someone getting back at him for this..If you dare that is :)

Mohit Rodeja said...

angad did it right...
raina, finish with the gracious-host, i-whole-heartedly-love-the-kids thing already!

Aseem said...

oh man... seriously this is typical angad... my stomach's somehow managed to bounce like vinayak's while reading this... and yes for you nagu, take a swipe man, if you dare... :P

Vinayak said...

I can so imagine this coming out of his mouth, which usually stays open most of the times, whether hes talkin or not... good job, atleast he wrote, even just for the sake of being in the EB... lets wait for a follow up then :)

Vinayak said...

and angad, stay away from the mental sisters ... grrr...

Tank said...
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the turncoat said...
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the turncoat said...

Obv, who'd have accepted tha to happen.,
whose this cute 10 pointer anyways.,

great article

Ko said...

one of these days, angad, the bogeyman will come out the shadows and stick his fingers wayyy up your nostrils until you suffocate and open your mouth to scream..

and you dont want to know what happens next :)

sorry i was also feeling verbose there. *burp. :)