Saturday, February 21, 2009

HELLO ALL...Enough of poetry..time to move on

Wonderful, and wonderfully long poetry session we had, with the most recent post by Abhishek Kaushal ranting about his rock performer aspirations. A few observations from my end would be that we aren't as bad as we pretend to be, and we can really think well, and at times beautifully when we want to.
Congratulations, first of all, to all those who wrote for the first time, and gave up on their earlier stated inhibitions. You've been very sporty, and refreshingly talented so stop whining the next time you're asked to write
Apologies to those whose poems did not receive comments, you'll get them, eventually :)..

I was supposed to come up with a first second third by the end of our session, but there were many poems that held my personal fancy and I will just mention the ones I liked best. My opinion, I would like to stress, is just my own and could vary enormously with anyone else's

From the first year, which was the most active on the blog, and many of whom were writing for the first time, my three favorites were by volga (tanya), Thanisha and Ishita Mehta..Other good efforts were by shreni, silky and anumeha...
Second year was responsible for some peach poetry with some astonishingly brilliant and stylistically different poems. Nangia (free flow), Duggal( erudite humour), Astha (brilliant metaphorism) and Mukul( raw wit) were amongst my favorites

Vinayak I love you and will love you always. While that poem was picked up from your facebook account, it is one of the best I've read in a long time

Thanku to the final year for having given in some of their old loot and starting the session on a bright note. I would suggest that everyone read some of poems contributed by the seniors towards the initial part of the posts, and divya kesri's(mistura) poem somewhere in the middle..

I hope the barriers that clogged the mind have been lowered a little, and we can think freely, creatively and more regularly from now on..All the best for the next thread. Keep writing


Skywise said...

if i may object, i think it's unfair to relegate "The Mariner" (anumeha's poem)to the status of a "good effort". i found it very uplifting and inspiring. but then again, that's just me :)

mayank said...

@ Skywise : koff koff..trying hard not to think :)

@anumeha : you just became dalai lama