Monday, March 4, 2013

Everything is right

A dog can see all around him only in black and white, whereas, a bee can see thousands of colours.
It is an interesting observation that the world around us is the same, but everybody sees and experiences it differently. So, do you experience the world right, or do I see it right? What is the right way to live?
To a certain degree, people analyse day to day affairs with respect to a certain set of rules. These sets of rules might be defined by an individual himself, or they could be adapted from religion, plenty of stuff to choose from..
Now see, the problem is that on a planet full of 7 billion people, with every guy having a different set of rules/views on life, these views often tend to clash. Say for example, the Hindu-Muslim clash in our country and many more around the world on smaller and larger scales. This is because of the common understanding that in the case of two opposing arguments, only one is correct and the other is commended to oblivion.

Allow me to recollect an ancient Jain story..
The Four Blind Men 
In a small village lived four blind men. They were told about an exotic animal that was going to be brought to the village; the elephant. None of them had ever seen or heard about an elephant before, so they decided to go find out what an elephant was really like.When taken to the elephant, visual inspection was obviously not possible. So they began touching and feeling the elephant to get a mental picture of the animal. The man who was standing near the legs of the elephant commented that the animal seemed like some sort of pillar. The person near the trunk inferred that it was some sort of snake. The man holding the tail imagined it to be somewhat similar to a dog or a donkey. The fourth man examined the belly of the elephant and declared it to be a blob of meat. Even months after the elephant went,the four blind men quarrelled about the shape and size of the elephant, and took this dispute to their graves.
The point to be realised here is that none of them were wrong, each one of them was correct in their own perspectives. But all of them missed the bigger picture, and also lost their friendship in the process. This is exactly what is happening in today's world. Everybody seems to have developed a certain understanding of the world, and will valiantly defend it in case of any arising contradictions, without realising that both of them might be correct, at the same time.
All I'm trying to say is that after listening to all this, if you still think that your viewpoint is correct, then you have every right to think so; but if you say that your views are right and mine are wrong, then no body in this world would be more wrong than you.And this is how everything and everyone is right; ' wrong-ness' is in declaring other people to be wrong.

-'Maharaja' SP
(2nd year, Mechanical)

Food Review: Viva Mexico! (Sector 10, right above “shots”)

So my friends told me that there is this really amazing and decently priced Mexican food joint just 5 minutes from college. Who dare stop me from going there now?
A narrow staircase in the market of sector 10 led to the extremely brightly colored ambiance. But that didn't matter because it completely gelled with the mood. And what mood is that you may ask? Loving life, carefree and listening to Mexican songs of which you understand nothing but still enjoy it kind of a mood.
As soon as you enter you encounter a very customer friendly food presentation which would remind you of subway but the only difference being it’s not just raw veggies! The chicken Quesadillas are definitely a must have. The cheese melts in your mouth without suppressing the flavor of chicken. I guess the veg Quesadillas are also good but being a hardcore non vegetarian, I never tried them. In case you thought that this was all the place had to offer, you’re wrong. If you’re nice enough and lucky they might just let you wear the sombreros to “enhance the Mexican experience” or so the manager said.
People who have average eating habits could easily get their stomach filled in Rs. 200. A major downer for me was the burrito, it tasted like rajmah chawal wrapped in a roti. Maybe I don’t know what burritos taste like, but if this is the answer, I am never having burritos in my life ever again. All in all if you can’t decide what to eat in the 1 hour break of college, try out this place. In most cases, it won’t disappoint you.


By Dinaz Malik (2nd Year, CSE)

Swirling Black hole of Chaos

It all amuses us. The fact, that we are where we are, or the place where we could have been. It is all a second life we think about all the time. The love, the pain, the speech, all would have been different. It’s a very complicated feeling to explain. But is it right to think about all that could have been there? Should we, not rather think about how we are right now, the place where we live, and the place we would eventually. Why do we feel something which has already happened is more important, and needs to be given a thought, when we can very well sit down, and think about more important things in life?
We complicate things, we complicate relationships, we complicate feelings, only because of our complicated thoughts. Life plays with us, in so many different ways, that we can’t understand the difference between the hopeless reality, and friction less virtual world.  But do we live enough in whatever we do? We have our moments of happiness, and our moments of remorse. We might lose ourselves, and we might gain what one had never thought. Does every step to our future matter, and must affect us in a manner we can or cannot deal with? Does the ideal reality have to be achieved by each individual to have our human needs and desires satisfied?
 But there are external methods and ways to satisfy the needs. We have our precious little soldiers of death, multiplying our capacities, but killing our desires, and our existence. We need them sometime, only to realize later that it might not have been necessary, and we might just have been able to deal without it. We might have been able to make a better person out of ourselves. Life does not always rewind, at least not for what we have lived to see. We might think of ourselves as rebels, and make our own Hell’s Kitchen, but the truth does not lie there. We have our loveless desires to take care of, whether it is known or not. Whether we accept it or not. The future might be petrifying, but just thinking about how it might affect us in  a good or a bad manner, wants us to be, and makes us grow strong.  

By Vishwa Vijay Singh (2nd Year, Civil Engineering)