Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby steps of a poet

Staring at this blank sheet,
I yearn for a single thought.
Out of the blue comes a torrent of ideas,
Yet I struggle to join the dots.

Here begins the dilemma
And my tussle with words.
What should I write upon?
Animals, plants or birds?

Spurred by an attack on my ego
comes my act of reprise.
It’s evident I’ve no chance
of winning that coveted prize.

Now the game of words has me hooked
Poetry seems not so glum;
Yet it’s just the beginning
With many more to come.

Lo and behold! I realize
I’m about to reach the twentieth line
And all I can do is smile
Cos’ this creation is all mine.

Absolutely unworthy of all the time taken to post it....

to ishita- thanx for all the help... :)


the turncoat said...

You know you rhyme well :)

with or without inspiration,

you rhyme well.,

IsHiTa said...

Mast likhi hai Silky.

mayank said...

All you kids are a bunch of humbugs..
Was this your idea of not being able to write poetry ever??
You used a very cliched theme no doubt, since lots of people end up writing about their first poem writing experience. But the execution was very mature, the rhyme was very taut and precise. It is understandable when you say that you aren't very fond of writing poetry, but if this is a first attempt, I for one would be very interested in knowing how it progresses further

Best of Luck

mayank said...

and nice topic for the poem..well done again

Silky said...

@anuj n ishita

thankyou so much for those encouraging words.. n i have to admit i did enjoy writing this..:D
n as far as the title of this poem is concerned, i cannot n will not take the credit for this.. it was totally ishita's idea..

anumeha said...

itna acha likhti hai..fir bhi pareshan thi!!
really nice! :)

myanka said...

u did it..and u did it awesome..!:)

mayank said...

ha ha..the entire girl brigade chirrups as one :P

Silky said...

thankyou thankyou....:))