Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Last Silver

A haggard face peeped through a chink in the marquee,
Clad in rags, ill-suited to the weather very parky.
Hearing the muffled voices and peering at the distant light,
Dispelling the melancholy of the night.
Hence, walking away from the murky night,
There was revelry in sight.
The tramp thus reached the frenzied crowd,
With the marquee standing tall and proud.
Rapt in thought and marvelling at its height,
Somebody from within, answered with delight.
A stately figure of a gypsy, dressed in azure,
Parting the curtain, she invited him indoor.
Her eyes shone with the carelessness of a child,
Her movements so fluid and nimble, temper so mild.
Happy as a clam at high water,
All this was odd enough for a woman of her stature.
Wiping the crystal ball clear,
And chanting spells, she flung her arms in the air. 
The tramp stood rooted, in a dither...
Confused, yet amused...
After a lapse of silence, started the fortuneteller,
Like a ray of light breaking through the dark clouds,
Driving away gloom, pain and doubts.
Her voice hovered  over the place,
Filling his soul with ever increasing  solace.
There were better days in store,
That she promised for sure......
Clinging to hope,
Gone were the days to mope.
Startlingly, he broke the monologue, the surreal ambience...
And thrusting in her hand a red bag, he fled,
Clutching tightly to what he had gained,
And thus he parted with his last silver........


Vinayak said...

I must say tanya, im a fan... sounds just like a stanza written by alexandre dumas himself ... do write more

mayank said...

Transported me to a different time zone altogether. Very attractive poetry style, and this first year has more writing potential than I had thought previously.
Only piece of criticism would be the strained rhyming attempt at places..But that also is just my own opinion.
Definitely one of the better posts over the week

volga said...

Thanks a lot for your encouraging words...(and yes, i did have problem with rhyming and its awful at places )...
@vinayak- thanks for that honour... :)

Skywise said...

Simply brilliant...has all the mystical aura of a great piece of writing...there is tremendous potential here :)