Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tiny tot,busy a lot

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting this earlier, but i was busy in drams workshops. Well, here is what we had been doing in our workshops for 2 weeks:

After a hectic day in college,
without understanding anything or gaining any knowledge,
Started our dramatics workshops.
Tired and exhausted we entered the audi,
only to find exercises being done by everybody.
We exercised till our muscles began to scream,
sometimes we hoped that it was only a dream.
Suddenly, in charged HADLEE,
the man whose very name hurts us badly.
Various stressful exercises we did perform,
For 2 weeks, this was our norm.
The last few days, however, were loads of fun,
Cause after the workshops, to the cafe we used to run.
Chatting and gossiping, not a minute were we bored,
And if nothing came up, always ready to make fun of the ED BOARD.
Finally, the workshops came to an end.
We can now just sit at home and enjoy our weekends.

But sitting at home is such a bore,
And you know what, yeh dil maange more.
Cause sitting is what we have been doing for so many years,
Its finally time to live life to its fullest, my dears.


the turncoat said...

This is so cool
Loved it man
Dramatics sounds so much like me.,
Call me sometime and we could all end up being best friends :)

ripudaman said...

Well, Yadavindrians rock !! Don't they??

the turncoat said...

eh ohk,

mayank said...

@ all : You're all banned

anumeha said...


class mein milo beta...