Wednesday, February 11, 2009

life is beautiful...

Life Is beautiful….
Makes the impossible possible
Bcaz its all in the destiny
I always knew there is someone special fr me
Who will love me endlessly,
Care fr me,
Always thinks of me,
Understands me,
..will be my better half.
He ws in front of me,
He used to look at me
He might hv thought I wud look and smile,
But it ws me who kept my eyes closed.

But life is beautiful…
I found my true love
One who loves me endlessly
One who cares fr me
One who thinks of me
One who understands me
You are my dream man
You are my charming prince
Your smile brings brightness all around
Your sweet dimple takes away all the fears
One of the loveliest smile I hv ever seen
Just one smile fills my life with happiness
Can do anything to see you always smiling

No matter how far we are
But our heart beats are the same
This distance has never been able to lessen our love
When I open my eyes in the morning I wish to see you
Whn I go out I wish u accompany me
Whn I laugh I wish you laugh wid me too
Whn I cry I wish u wipe my tears
Wherever I m I wish u to love me every moment.
I always wish and pray wherever you are and whtever u do , you get all the happiness and joy of the world.