Saturday, February 21, 2009

Since humor is my thing and no one else seems to be posting on this topic for reasons beyond my pondering ability I’m going to go ahead write one more because I am bored and when I am bored I do 2 things one is to find someone and give them a piece of my philosophical thoughts the other is something I would mention if the theme was ‘adult humor’. This blog entry is going to be totally random so don’t bang your heads thinking how this and that came up.
I sometimes days are too long ie 24 hours are like a hell lot of time if you don’t sleep a lot and I don’t sleep a lot. On day’s like these I think we earth habitants should think of moving to mercury where days are like hours and hence we would have vacations a lot sooner. If we were on that planet we could have marathons around the planet and if we wandered away alittle to much we might be in another country, Imagine telling someone “I by mistake walked into china”.
Like many of you know half of Punjab has re-allocated to Canada and U.K because its cooler there and they think the blonde chick are easier to tackle than the traditional Punjabi kudi which when you come to think of it is very true. Indian parents are very insecure about their female spawn. The jain community tops the chart in this aspect, I did amass the guts finally and did ask a jain’s dad “ Uncle uncle??.” , He said “yes beta”, I said “ Why are you ….no not you why are Indian parents so insecure about their daughter’s”?.....Now I was to either expect a slap or an answer….so I was doing the right thing by taking a step back…..and to my shock he raised his hand and put it around my shoulder….I am shivering and I can see flashbacks of the best moments of my life before I die….I saw my mirror reflection topless, My cricket yata yata…...But anyways to my shock jains dad tells me “ Son …Think about this….If you had a daughter …would you want a guy like yourself around her?”…..Ahhhhh….Now we all understand why they all are soo insecure…..haha
Ive written this while taken a breather from studing physics and to tell you the truth physics isn’t half as bad when you’re playing with it. I mean try and photoshop vinayak’s/gagan’s/astha’s body to Einstein’s face and you’ll know what I mean.
Funny names, My laptop has got a virus from pankaj graphics …thus my homepage reads Ahsan Mannan khan butta’s home page….Ive met a dog named Jimmy and a man named bridgedeep.
These brings an end to a not so entertaining and completely random and pointless article, for people reading this best of luck with your tests and convey it to the rest too.

Anonymous Punjabi referring to the songs lyrics as below
Song “ oh baby ure so fine…I wanna make you mine ….youre lipstick tastes so sweet”
Anonymous Punjabi “ Oye kina khotha hai…je-nani de lipstick khanda hai ”

Love as always
Angad Singh


Mohit Rodeja said...

humor is not your thing anymore =D