Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Don’t kill me mom,
Before I open my eyes
With my going away,
A part of you too dies…

Don’t kill me mom,
What wrong have I done?
That I don’t get to watch the moving tides,
The beautiful moon, the colourful sun...

Don’t kill me mom,
I’ll make you proud
Explore the deep seas, reach
The sky, stand apart from the crowd.

Don’t kill me mom,
Shouldn’t I be the one to decide?
To live or not, I can but
Plead to you from deep inside.

Or kill me mom,
Rather than making me work
At an age when I ought to be playing
Instead of bearing a painful jerk...

Or kill me mom,
I don’t want to walk through streets
At nights, when alone, feared
To be raped by those merciless beast.

Or kill me mom,
For money, I don’t want to be beaten
By my own man, when we are two bod-ies,
But one soul, only in written.

Or kill me mom,
Isn’t it better to die?
Before being born, rather than
Bearing everyday a 100 deaths’ cry.

-Sajal Sehgal, 2nd year