Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The course of true love never did run smooth

Two years back was asleep in dark
like rusted leaves withering inside a park
life was full of dullness
had thought it would always be a mess
one fine day diva came in my life
and i started realising importance of life
changes started appearing prenominal
never thought life would start going so well
now i was a changed man

Clock was always ticking away
never thought the bond between us will go such a way
spending time now alone was impossible
pondering over her memories was the only option possible
she was the diva having loads of people behind her
and i was a blank paper waiting for my eld which was yet to begin with her

The paper was back in envelope
as i thought it was never possible
the sea tide which rose inside the heart
was now concealed within the walls of my heart
but God wanted it to be in some other way
don't know why it was destined to be this way
the girl came to me and knocked at the walls of my heart
I cant explain how it supervene
bond was created between us in the mean
life got a new dimension with her
my unseen dream was now alive
whenever tears on her face used to appear
smile on her face was the only thing i succeded to rear
thinkin about her couldn't be resisted
her face in front of me always persisted
even the thought of going away from her
made my heart tremble in fear
life for both of us became a paradise
never thought of having such a resplendent life

Like all the great love stories have a tragic end
never thought that i wont be able to mend
don't know why i tried to cobble her
it was too late for me to realise
her feelings were getting offended and her heart being sliced
finally misunderstandings started playing their role
as i was left ruined with my helpless soul
depressed by the faliure of my love
i decided to leave this world
i don't know how i am writing all this
maybe it was her blessings which came as a bliss

Now,after 1 year
i still remember the time i spent with her
sometimes i think why did it go this way
in the end i say,

I had met with an angel...
who came in my life....
Other men said they have seen angels, But I have seen thee And thou art enough. i have tried my best ppl what i could do in 2 plz.....ignore my typing or any other errors if u can...:)