Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Ring

A childhood love seemed to materialize at last
as they walked one evening on the dew covered grass,
with a shy smile when he looked at her
she trembled inside her coat of fur
wondering if the friend would be replaced by the lover

In his hand, a pearl silver box with a golden hue
waited to be opened by someone new
her heart skipped a beat as he leapt forward
there was a silence whose magic could be heard
she felt the friend dissolve to give way to the lover.

“Open it”, he said, “and read what is etched”
gently she held it but then she shivered.
“To my love Emily. No matter what the future will bring
I’ll be by your side, whether or not you accept this ring.”
That moment there was no friend and there was no lover.

Suddenly she forgot what she had etched on her heart
in a moment realized this was her least favorite part
she would’ve cursed god if she was not an atheist
but decided her feelings mattered the least
for the happiness of the friend she once wished to be her lover

“It’s beautiful,” said Gia and smiled without fear,
she hugged him tight as he drew her near
an unknown strength had found its way
she could hide her tears even in the day
the friend was alive and so was the lover.

Tears welled up in her big, black eyes
her throat choked with the silent cries
she wished for one last time to see
if she his lucky lady be
then the friend would've never defeated the lover.

She stretched out her arm as he turned his back
her dream was lost but her restrain intact
she desperately wished to let him know
but on the contrary just let him go
for the friend in her had won over the lover...

P.S.-kindly ignore d rhyme scheme and d theme :p


Magic Mukul said...

this is a copy of kuch kuch hota hai scene. write something original. then i will comment

mayank said...

copy copy from another blog..copy copy hic

Divya said...

copied from my own blog
not allowed kya?