Saturday, February 7, 2009

love at first sight-2

love at first sight-2
after the first not so good experience
after i got my new conveyance
i decided to go on a new joyful ride
and in search of love were my eyes open wide
in darkness again came a ray of light
i realised again it was my love at first sight

this time i ought to be more serious
i thought to stay calm and not be furious
i took the first step and greeted her with a "hello"
she was surprised after hearing this from an unknown fellow
i realized that my chances were not bright
and i was losing my love at first sight

i decided to chat with her on gtalk
but that too was not as easy as an evening in the park
my freinds suggested me to take her on a date
she rejected my offer owing to my bad fate
again i started watching movies like black and white
but i decided not to give up and continue with my love at first sight

i tried hard again and again
but all my efforts went in vain
at last she accepted my proposal
and then i was at her disposal
this time i got it all right
now this is my true love at first sight