Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birth of a poem

Being asked to write a poem

My face ran out of color

But then, not losing my heart

I decided to write, as it was now or never

For days I kept on wondering

As to how a person can force his ideas to vent

And jot it down on a piece of paper

Giving it the shape of a poem when they lay pent

Somewhere deep inside my heart

Which now lay defeated before my mind

My mind boxed up with the due dates of assignments

Resulting in a poem not ‘one of its kind’

Something I expect to float on this blog

For ‘tis not weighed down by the heavy emotions!!!


Vinayak said...

hey, appreciable humor in this one :) and good use of poetic license :)

Avantika said...

thanks...this was my first attempt:)

mayank said...

Yes there's a definite coolness in the poem. A carefree, free minded run of thoughts. Enjoyable read. Keep writing