Thursday, February 5, 2009

From the heart of mine...

Morning was surely cool and fine,
I got up at half past nine,
Intended to attend a class of mine,
A hell of all that story of sine,
He came and started to define,
Amidst i uttered some words of mine,
He spotted and stressed his adrenaline,
And shouted "get lost through the pipeline",
A sort of chill ran down my spine,
What it resulted was an attendance fine,
In the outer world was a curious line,
All flocks with a similar destine,
We shared a common storyline,
Rushed to have a glass of wine,
Keeping aside the ideals of divine,
Finally i realized it's not decline,
But making the hay while sun shines...

my classmates can understand it better...


IsHiTa said...

i know, you were wronged. And u still wrote a poem on it? Bravo!!

Vinayak said...

with a rhyme mime that reminded me of my days as a hopeless romantic who rhymed butter with gutter and still didnt even stutter !

mayank said...

The good thing about this poem is that the reader would keep looking out for the next rhyme word and eventually read it to the end :)

Rohit Goyal said... was a bit difficult to narrate a story in one rhyme...n more than dat ,on the very same day...