Thursday, February 5, 2009



LIFE is a game, learn the rules correctly
Handle it intelligently, not too hastily
For today u may be a loser but
Tomorrow will be your day
If u get to know the trick to play it,
The whole world is at your feet.

LIFE is a challenge
Face it, believe in your roots,
Have faith in your upbringing
Then u will see times changing in your favor
Thank god. .. for he has given it.

LIFE is happiness,
Life is satisfaction, life is short
Live it to the fullest…
Live each day as it is the last day of your life.


Vinayak said...

I sweet thought put up, not one of rhymes, which is a good thing to notice as poems are always taken with rhymes

mayank said...

Essential requirement of a poem for me is not the rhyme scheme but the rhythm.
I felt the rhythm was slightly lacking. The theme was sweet. The poem had clarity. Keep working, you'll get better

suhail said...

again....way to go team....
thats a nice start.............

Alok and Poonam said...
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