Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Land of Dreams

Hold my hand and walk by my side,
and I'll take you to my land of dreams,
I'll show you things that'll leave you gaping wide,
and people no one's ever met or seen.

Imprints of those faces on my soul,
take me to places I shouldn't know,
the whole world's gathered there on a screen,
everything ;like it's meant to be.

Paint that picture ,
on the walls of my mind,
steal those moments ,
back from the halls of time..

Know that feeling so divine,
all you'd ever want is there inside,
but when you move out and see the skies,
you'll know ;that picture was full of lies.

Let me stay here by your side,
so I may hold on to your soul for a while,
let you walk through my dreams and open your eyes,
so the happiness may make you shine.

And ;there's place within your soul,
and I know it never will be mine,
but all I have to do,
is let your happiness be mine.

And live with all my pains alone,
filling those empty skies with screams,
in a place where where I'd once let you go,
you'll find me locked up in my ....'Land of Dreams'.

- Harjeev Singh, 1st Year.