Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Show Always Goes On

Blooded with innocent lives,
Cries and screams on highs,
A paper in the dawn often sighs..

Hotels , malls and roadways,
All burst in a serial chase,
Only flash and pics to gaze.

In the deep breath, is a fear ,
So childish as none to hear,
Pain in the eyes but no tear.

A fire of revenge burns all around,
None daring ever found,
Some bonds keep them always bound.

A saint from the outer world would heal,
Do come one day they feel,
And would restore their lasting zeal.

Escaping from their obvious duty,
Getting lured to material beauty,
Again they get trapped in ambiguity.

And clarion of daily cores soon rings,
Joys again fly with wings,
Again making them poor mighty kings...