Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a journey from dawn to dusk

It was a frigid night..
with darkness all over ..
the sight of the moon was in plight,
and the stars just could hover.

Just then I smirked in,
shedding off the prevailing calignous .
With all my rays ,
the world woke up,
leaving behind all the haze.

My trabecula scattered ,
with the drops of dew..
and the sound of birds beautified the view .

Up in the noon,
I was at the pinnacle ,
where nobody could even reach..
and I could never jiggle.

Quietly came the evening ,
the birds started chirping,
Moving towards their home,
carrying happiness in their hearts

Very slowly I moved off into the darkness ,
where I am covered with plenty of emptiness
But tomorrow i’ll come again,
to make the day awesome.
For I am the world..
I am the volery ..
Forget this never
I am the glory.