Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Space Odyssey

With shadows of clouds

The moon beckons me

My hopes, my dreams

It clearly sees.

For a wish upon a star I’d make

My life on earth I’d keep at stake

A journey into space, a life unique

A leap in time, I terribly seek

For on the moon, plays my heart’s content

A lifetime of wishes, I have spent

Away from this planet, I sincerely thrive

I’ve paid my dues to the space archives

This enchanted journey, I’m going to take

I vow, a mark in history to make

The moon bathes me with its cool light

And I get lost in my dreams of flight

I want to walk on the moon and bounce along

Follow in the “steps” of Neil Alden Armstrong

And eleven other great men

The last of who was Eugene Cernan

I dream of blasting off into space

Dream of seeing all of the Earth’s face

Dream of zooming away in a rocket ship

And doing a zero-gravity backflip

And hey! If I go fast enough,

Analyzing the twins’ paradox might not be so tough

But that’s not my goal, not any more;

The purpose is to go forth and explore;

To find new worlds, unexplored parts

Where humanity may leave its indelible marks

Set foot on new vistas, new lands

And (hopefully) leave another giant leap in history’s sands

I wish, my friends

To be a Magellan or a Columbus of space

With one notable difference--

The map’s already in place.

So off I go on my explorations

High hopes coupled with higher aspirations

I’m off on my journey to the stars

I might beam back a couple pictures when I fly by Mars

I rocket off on my celestial sojourn

Who knows what new things I may learn?

Astronaut, cosmonaut, call me what you want;

I’m off to the heavens on my dream jaunt

And as my rocket high above you flies,

You could say I’m the shooting star in your eyes.

So watch me fly, way above your sight,

‘Cause I am the man on the moon, I am the man with the light.

--Strictly speaking, this is not my poem alone. I must say, whatever grace is present in this poem is all thanks to a very special friend who contributed impromptu at 1.30 am and, frankly speaking, gave me room to save my face. Thank you!!! :)


anumeha said...


Vinayak said...

anumeha ! how cruel ! shreni my man, that wanted me to be back in my childhood, wish i had listened to somethin like this back then... good job :) make this bahraini proud :P

anumeha said...
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anumeha said...

Shreni, ur poem is actually inspiring in its own way!!
pyari poem hai.. :)

@vinayak- :P

Skywise said...

thank you thank you thank you you're far too kind... :)