Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spilling Of A Heart ...

A poem of no sorts, its a spill thats been splattered on this page. This is a chat conversation that has me talking and talking while the other person has probably gone to sleep...

ek din
ill go to the green hills and the blue seas
sit under the lights of a crane
and swing my legs happily in the nite
play the flute in the middle of forests and call my animals
sit on an eagle and wander over the deserts of africa
ride the lightning and be in the eye of the storm
swim in the mud and dance on the clouds
higher in the arches of heaven,
He will wait for my words of truth
I shall say no more than just a lie
That I am afraid of Him and do not wish to die
I wish to live in the golden of hearts
and dwell in the caves of the intellectual
but never shall I find a life more blissful
She will run through my adrenaline and leave my ears as sounds.
My fingers are nothing but signs of my reality
but my sweat is what i am yet so unreal
The breath of air and the smell of freedom will never cease to exist
and soon i shall lie on the stacks of hay
that may never ever sound so sweet
The moon winks and the sun snores
It is time for me to sleep for my chores
bhai das i write my heart for now the donkeys have been sold
the moon leaves me alone on this dark night
and keeps stranded on this island of luxury and delight
keep my memories in a safe old box
or make them sway on a glass painting
my heart sinks lower and so will my head
this romeo of romeos may soon be dead
blood will spill and so shall lies
this world is too small for my little demise
i will call the universe to see my funeral
and ask the planets to weep on my grave
the stars are too small to kiss my forehead
and so the asteroids will plant them on my bed
the stones of love, the stones of forgiveness
the roses of my love will wither down too
the sun and the moon will never follow me by,
they have tides to flow and plants to grow
they are all but too busy to see me go
they are all but too busy to see me go
to see me go
to see me go


mayank said...

I love you sweetheart..You make my heart do frog-leaps :)

IsHiTa said...

Aww...this make us laugh and cry at the same time u know.