Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Search For Happiness

On one fine day
I started my search for happiness
Is it the sparkling crystal in the bay?
Does is have some definiteness?
Or is it like the movie I saw the other day,
Blurry with least absoluteness
This was when one fine day
I started my search for happiness…

My search continued
While on the roads
Or when I experimented
With anodes and cathodes…

I saw an armyman
With a lot to plan
Happiness to him is the satisfaction
He gets through his peoples’ protection
A doctor finds happiness
And expresses his keenness
In the new life discovery
And his patient’s quick recovery
Happiness to a farmer
Is to see his fields shimmer
With grains of gold
All set to be sold
Happiness for mother sparrow
Is to see her babies without sorrow
When they are able to fly
High up in the endless sky
Happiness for a baby boy
Is getting a new toy
Playing with it day and night
Presenting a lovely sight!...

My mind got strained
With clarity drained
All I had
Were questions which said..
Can happiness be folded
Like a paper in the pocket?
Can it be locked
Or fixed in some socket?
Can it be endless
And never fading?
Can it have infiniteness
Which goes on exaggerating?

After a deep thought ,I observed
I’m happy to see the endless sky
To watch the cows , Going by
To see the sunflowers
Shining in the sun
To see the children
Dancing in the rain, having fun
To feel the beautiful nature and go beyond my imagination
To dream of all good things
To celebrate under sparkling stars
To see peace prevail
To great each-other with a nice mail
To hear the birds chirrup
As they reply
To thank for this beautiful life…

When one fine day
I searched for happiness
I found it within me
I found it in living life
In every joyous moment of life
They say “life is happiness”
But I say ”happiness is life”…


mayank said...

Wow..This sounded like one of those nissim ezekiel poems that we used to read in school. This poem is good on several levels. For one, it is difficult to sustain thoughts over such a long stretch of verse...I am in perpetual awe of people who're able to write long poems without getting demoralized.
It is also a fairly good rhyming attempt..There are places where it has been done rather intelligently, speaks volumes of the potential that you have..Keep writing, I'm sure you'll get better at this