Saturday, February 7, 2009

Praise him with great Praise..!

If only Mr.X would not groan,
At the skills we try to hone.
'Like' making efforts to make him smile..
That always end up being futile.
He grins and bears, but we know better
Why he hides behind his only sweater..
He exists on a different plane...
Looking all imperial with his kingly mane.
If only he looked at our reverential gaze,
And could comprehend how we yearn for his praise,
If only he could see through the jokes,
And see how much inspiration he evokes.
'Like' we always love the things he'll say.
Even his little nod makes our day.
If only he knew we write not just for fun,
But to make hay beneath Him-our Moon and Sun...

written by Ishita and Anumeha (who swear their undying devotion)


Skywise said...

erm..."kingly mane"??? ;)

mayank said...

I am completely overwhelmed...I erm, um, am, well, embarassed..and I thank my sponsors and fans and...I HAVE MORE THAN ONE SWEATER...AND I CHANGE SWEATERS EVERYDAY...but guys you are awesome..and this will keep me smiling for a long time and remind me of some of the better times spent in college
I'll give the poem review a skip i guess :)

mayank said...

and in case it was a satire..I still loved it :P

Aseem said...

well well well... looks like you surely did leave behind your monkey acts and finally managed to not scare but impress the bachis... :P

anyhow, keep him embarrassed people, its one of the fun things in life to do.. :)

IsHiTa said...

Satire it's not......earnest , yeah

Vinayak said...

fans they are fluttering by you mayank, this is some garden of eden you have sown seeds in. If only there were lillies by my side too, I would be plucking flowers in December, not in June.

anumeha said...

" I thank my sponsors and fans.."

not a satire at all,sir!!!
truly meant! :)

The King has a kingly mane! ;)

Ko said...

that dude is so lucky :)

Ko said...

and heehee..u guys talking about the blue-grey sa sweater na? :P

Suchreet said...

@mayank: kids call you sir??

mayank said...

@suchreet : when they're in a good mood..Most of the times they call me a wooly mammoth :P

IsHiTa said...

The "Sir" works as Life Insurance.

Astha said...

hehehehe....ive always told u that u have a way with women Mayank siiiir....