Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Mariner

A fine soiree to end the day,
A choked mariner has to say...
Even as the ship sails across the bay,
The tired mariner sees that one golden ray,
As it wipes out the gray.
The clouds dissolve and the birds,they call...
The mariner hearkens as the sky darkens.
'Tis then that he understands the voice, that the night-wind sings..
And feels the mystic melody strummed on the water strings.
The music wakes him to a brighter day,
Beating out all the shades of gray.
Becoming but his guiding light,
To help him sail through the darkest of nights...
It becomes the expression of his soul,
Once again, making him whole.
The shore may be far,
But he’s guided by the Evening Star
Filled with the strength to resist the night
And to endure the day;
The strength to follow the path in sight;
To take it without further delay;
To find that one purpose in life,
And the truths to be faced, that it brings,
The strength to struggle against the strife;
To hold on to all to which his life clings...

A fine soiree to end the day,
The inspired mariner has found his way;
As the ship sails across the bay,
He holds on to that one golden ray..

I've had a lotta help from vinayak, mayank and vaibhav... :)
Ishita: for you!


Skywise said...

Brilliant!!! just--brilliant!! the last four lines are...just awesome...inspiring in their own right...way to go!!!

Vinayak said...

anumehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... kya baaat hai .... bas ab tooooooooh ... ok now i shud stop... good job in picking up pieces and creating masterpieces !!

anumeha said...

vinayak and shreni,
thanx! :)
encouragement does mean a lot, especially when it's been ur first ever poem!(well..pieces,vinayak! ;) )

mayank said...

With the amount of hue and cry surrounding this one poem, it did end up being fairly ok eh?
And that sounded like an acceptance speech towards the end. I thank my producers and my fans for being there for me
Good first attempt..and flashes of great potential. All the best

Silky said...

evertime i read this poem, i love it even more...:)
n especially after dat line by line session..:P

IsHiTa said...

You know you just wrote about my fav book character, though u don't know it----- i see my ARAGORN somewhere in this mariner.

anumeha said...

First of all, sabko thank-you! :)

Silky ji, thank-u for sitting thru the line by line description...

Ishita ji, I hope you are coming jaldi! :)

lastly, Mr. X: my oscar speech will be aise kuch ;)