Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The world is set on the fire of problems. While we are trying to combat the perennial social evils like child labour , dowry, human trafficking , we have encountered environmental problems which started as a ripple and now have transformed into a giant wave. Moreover this world still has many global issues like corruption, terrorism , global warming to be solved. The world is caught in the cobwebs of deadly and fatal evils and we need to take immediate actions to solve these problems. I do not want to write this article discussing the problems, the people responsible for it, the causes, the effects on the society or the ways to solve these issues because that is known to all of us. This article urges the reader just to take a step and do something.
Some great personality said" whatever you do in life is insignificant but it is important that you do it because no one else will do it for you." We all are aware of all the social evils and other problems that are present in the society and we often talk about them. We have always been discussing , criticising , writing about the flaws and faults in the world. Moreover there has been a lot of discussion over what needs to be done but how many of us have actually done something to eradicate such evils?
The need of the hour is not the discussion anymore but is the action that needs to be undertaken. We really need to stand up and do some "work". There is an utmost need to bring a change in our carefree attitude which often says " what can I do?" Or " my solitary action will not bring about any change." Let us just perform our action. We need to take an initiative ourselves. These little actions will surely help in making this world a better place to live in.


IsHiTa said...

A thoughtful article with a pertinent reason behind it.The need to replace mere talk with REAL action motivates us all-hence top marks for the choice of topic.

However one just wishes that the piece had a telling example to substantiate your point- An article on a socially relevant cause with no real-life anecdote to back it up always rings hollow to some.

The language and tone is pretty fine, only the matter could do with some more thought.And we could think of a suitable title for it , could'nt we ?