Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I see you

I see you

Lying in front,

Flat on your back.

Asleep after a long day at work.

Your face looks tensed,

All nerves bundled up.

Your sleep disrupted,

Your eyes shut tightly.

Is it just a bad dream,

Or a sad thought

You’re trying to evade?

Your shoulders are arched.

Oh how I wish to climb

Just like when I was a child.

All happy and playful,

Always ready for a piggy back ride.

A stroll in the park, and

An ice stick would suffice.

You promised, I remember

I’ll show you the world from here.

High mountains to climb,

Distant stars to reach,

Wide waters to swim.

Just flap your wings and fly.”

Now that I see you,

I want to clasp your hurting shoulders

And take the pain away.

Your hands move

In an impatient rhythm.

Almost counting something.

How my hand

Would wrap around your pinky,

To take journeys unheard of.

All I had to do

Was tighten my grasp,

And you would know

Any discomfort I suffered from.

I want to clinch on

To your hands so tight,

To compensate for

All the unsaid aches.

Even when you lie awake,

I see you thinking,

Staring into nowhere at times.

I wish I knew

What haunts your mind,

What keeps you oblivious

From what surrounds.

Your mind has always raced ahead,

Is always aware of the next step to take.

You asked me to do things,

I saw no meaning in.

I cried, at times howled

To show my resentment.

You still pestered me

Into doing what I detested.

Now I realize,

They are what set me apart.

Even now, there are times

I feel like sharing.

Telling you what haunts me,

What makes me weak at the knees.

Yet, for some reason ciphered

I decide not to.

If you have your way with me,

I have my way with you too.

For matters of the heart

You have never triumphed.

All your logic seems to fail,

When there is something

For which I wail.

You got me all things

Bright and beautiful.

My desires, my whims, my fancies

You met.

I remember once you told a friend,

Anything that makes her happy.”

You never tell me,

What your heart desires.

I think I am old enough

For at my age,

A life you had started to make.

Let me in to your secret land,

I promise not to tell.

I hope some day

I can put together

All my gumption,

Tell you how I feel.


I can see you.


IsHiTa said...

We've all felt this more than once in life:

"If you have your way with me,
I have my way with you too."

All lines straight from the heart and I loved it.
The entire sequence fits well -a troubling question about the present,a bit of a contrast with the past and then the tiny little wish put in for the future.
Read it people :)

m y s t i c said...

yeah. This is passion right through :)

Lurrveeee it ...*pats*

for me too the line...for the matters of heart...does it =/