Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midnight Fireworks

I know its way past the deadline of wednesday night and Im really sorry Im late. I really din't know what to write about plus its been a while since i wrote anything but songs (nearly 6 years).Thankfully, I came up with this during a random moment of inspiration last night at around 3. Couldn't post it then coz, well, i was too lazy :P I'd love to read what you'll think about it.

A grand party, his coming of age.
My cute baby brother, his fifth birthday.
The whole street on our terrace that night,
a grand spectacle like Bilbo's eleventy first birthday.

Fun, frolic, games , food and yet more fun,
the part had it all, even gifts and toys.
I watched my parents from the corner of my eye.
Both of them, beaming with joy.

While my parents went to sleep after the long night,
after the huge party and the heavenly food we had.
My baby brother and I tiptoed our way to the terrace,
to count the stars, in an unknown street in Baghdad.

We laid down, huddled together, counting stars,
drenched in sweat after chasing each other around.
Suddenly splendid lights appeared in the sky.
Are they shooting stars or falling meteors ?, I wondered.
And then Kahlid screamed as loud as he could,
"Look Fathima, the beautiful bright lights in the sky,
The 'midnight fireworks' on my birthday night".

Walking around the house where I used to live.
Blood splattered all around, in every nook and corner and debris covering the ground.
An eerie silence, there ain't no sound.

Memories keep flooding my head.
The games in the corridors, chasing my brother before he used to fall with a thud.
The heavenly aroma of Ami's food in the kitchen,
now filled with the saline smell of stale blood.
The fun story times in the night in my parent's bedroom
where now holes complimented the painting adorning the walls.
"Stupid architect, we need more sunlight", dad used to say.
With tears flowing down my face, I said aloud,
"Wouldn't you be pleased now Abba, there ain't no roof now"
The only piece of furniture left intact,
in the most cruel of ironies, is khalid's crib along with his pillow.

I still remember that dreadful day,
left without a family and a home to stay.
Celebrating my baby brother's birthday that night,
the food was heavenly, the atmosphere divine.
And lying down in the terrace with him into the night
when he screamed as loud as he could, his voice to hear, a delight,
"Look Fathima, the beautiful bright lights in the sky,
The 'midnight fireworks' on my birthday night".


m y s t i c said...

I love this for more than one reason....please keep writing for the benefit of everybody ..
and the flow sometimes is a bit rough but for me personally, the story itself makes more than up for it :)

Aaron said...

that just made my day :)and ill work on the flow next time around, i promise :)