Monday, September 27, 2010

Emotional Intelligence.

After a month at PEC, probably you all have united yourself with this prestigious college. But still question which arises is- whether our hard work was enough to bring us here or weren’t we capable of IIT or even PEC was beyond our calibre??? If hard-work and struggle would have been the only criteria, then surely PEC was not my cup of tea. Then what is that other element which sometimes becomes most determining factor of your success and rank?? It’s not IQ but its EQ (emotional quotient).

Emotional intelligence or quotient might be defined as a component of interpersonal intelligence, or our capacity to build and maintain personal relationships with others. Radically, emotional intelligence concerns our awareness of our own and others' emotions, their influence on us, and how to manage them in positive and meaningful ways. It’s EQ which allows us to act smartly during harsh and nervous conditions. It’s your emotional balance which determines how much of your knowledge will be your output during exam. It’s your EQ again which enables you to stand silently and firmly during the scolding by your teacher. People may term you as (coward) or (submissive), but that’s the reason you are WISE and they are OTHERWISE. Use of emotional intelligence is so persistent in our day to day life that you merely notice when you are in actual working or reacting smartly. Anyone who is at the pinnacle of something has one trait more, and that is EQ. From top ministers to terrorists and business tycoons to sports personalities, everyone has acquired emotional intelligence, but it further depends on their character how their EQ is put into use. It's not intelligence that matters most. It's what you do with the intelligence you have that matters more.

Hats off to our administrators who are emotionally so sound to live normally even though media condemns or criticises them daily especially CWG organizers and on the other hand, we take at least 2-3 days to come out of trauma only if your GF ditched you.

These days we tend to think of emotional intelligence as a set of qualities that make us successful and popular with other people. The qualities or “hot attributes” that we associate with emotional intelligence are; optimistic, persistent, warm, team player, goal oriented etc. etc. It’s a good list but these qualities are difficult to achieve and to maintain for any amount of time in the real world and in real relationships. The bare truth about emotional intelligence is that it is more than a hot list of admirable qualities. Emotional intelligence is a group of mental abilities that develop over time from infancy through adulthood. These mental abilities enable you to delay impulsive responding to strong emotional stimuli and use your intelligent mind to cope with the situation.

Since (attitudes are caught and not taught), in the same way, EQ is something which u don’t inherit but develop over your experience.

Writing articles, blogs etc will go on and on, what needs to be learnt is how to apply these all sayings so that you are one step closer to success. Like if I ask "How smart are you? It suggests that you can directly measure someone's mental competence, that u can rate a person on a scale from 1 to 10.

But if you ask “How are you smart? The equations change dramatically. It no longer suggests that we are trying to assess your level of "smartness" on a scale from 1 to 10. Instead, it suggests that each person is indeed "smart" but the focus should be on how individuals are smart --- in many different ways. It suggests there are different kinds of intelligence. Everyone should be optimistic and must have +ve attitude towards life, then I assure, you yourself will witness a miracle, a change-- A change of good towards happiness, a change of success and above all, a change your life was lived (presumed) before..............

Hardik Batra

E&EC (1st year)


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