Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walking INto "THE PEC"!!!

Here's me writing my life's first blog on what I have felt of PEC till now. The first three day orientation went pretty wellllll..kinda "boring" but ya it was in a way helpful to get to know something about the place we were going to spend 4 years at.The second day - "introduction to the clubs" was the best part according to me for I had had plans to join em since I got admission :P. My list of selected clubs increased and kept on increasing till the day ended..:).. was scaring me :O. But anyways finally, missing some recruitments, narrowing my list,etc etc; I'm in 3 clubs now which I believe are the coolest clubs here.
There was not a single day spent extra than these 3 "somewhat relaxed" dayss..then happened the most unwanted thing to us..."STUDIES STARTED"..we were subjected to the boring lectures, the poor lecture & tut & dunno so many types of halls n stuff.:(:(..Teachers started their experienced work of torturing us and god knows what all (god knows cz I haven't attended many of the classes :P).
Talking about the college, I was really not at all satisfied with the infrastructural status of it, it was loads below my expectations.By now I've adapted to it and believe it's not that bad after hearing to stories of my friends' colleges :D.
The boring college had a turning point when the activity of clubs came into notice...the auditions for drams, their workshops n so much came up with lots of enjoyment. More clubs' recruitments came up soon as well.I had to get into drams(dance wing) for sure so had to attend all the workshops there n believe me someone who's really passionate about dance really knows the fun of these.
There's one more thing I really love of my college and that's a proper "system", Being in school till now has really sucked from this point of view.I really like the enthusiasm in the seniors towards the college and it's rules.
In the nutshell, our college's not at all bad guyss..
PEC rocks ;);)
Since this is my first blog,
I'd appreciate any suggestions to improve.


m y s t i c said...

Hello, Akshit. Nice work at posting your views about how relentless it has been, your journey into pec's holy grails.

However, for the benefit of yourself and everybody here, please be formal with your english.

So it is directed not only towards you but the post before as well.
This means:

1.No shorthand so i dnt wnt 2 c dis kinda righting.

2.Spend time analyzing what you have written and make it more cohesive.


"the" KUNAL KUSHWAH said...

@m y s t i c

u didn't say smthng to my writing.......!!

Avian said...
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Avian said...

You should try using paragraphs! Trust me, its fun!

vaibhav said...

Akshit a few things-

You're obviously new to the idea of blogging, so read gagans comment and the blogging 101 post carefully.

Also, I got what you were trying to tell us in that post, but in the future try keeping some structure even if you are telling us your own experiences.
Was too much like a jumble of random thoughts at times.

A good Effort but, looking forward to what you come up with next week

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