Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whom to prefer FAMILY or FRIENDS..!

Teenage is the time of our life in which we undergo maximum number of changes, be it physical, psychological or emotional etc. A common problem many of us face{ including me... i have started facing it recently, just with the advent of college life :) :( }  during this age is  to choose between family and friends!!
We get more closer to our friends than family and our decisions are often influenced by our peers. 99% of us believe that what we think and what our friends advise us is the best possible option. At that moment we find our family a kind of INTRUDER and try ignoring them which often leads to mis- understandings between parents and children!!
Partying out with friends and spending most of our day with them seems the best thing in the world to us, It is not wrong at all if not done in excess, but seeking enjoyment at the cost of ignoring your family is wrong and should be avoided.
Many a times i have heard parents instructing there wards to stay away from a particular friend just because he is not good at studies or has some bad habits(what they think are bad). They reason out that he/she cant benefit you in any aspect. At this point parents are completely wrong. if friends were to be made by seeing how profitable they are then there would have never existed a relation called friendship! it would have been a business deal kind of thing. A friend is never a person who always profits you , but his/her presence just makes you happy.
 Its not that every time parents and family are to be blamed. In fact what is to be blamed is the misunderstanding and communication gap which often occurs between parents and their kids. So friends always just speak out your view points to your parents POLITELY and make them clear what you feel and why for that thing. Parents too should understand and try not to be very over protective. let there wards experience things on there own so that they turn out more mature and responsible. what they can surely give is a sound advice but that should not be in a way that it appears as an interference rather than advice.

by- aviral
(1st yr Mech.)


Avian said...

Nicely written, Aviral. Decent grammar, full words, a structure to your article.

You could try separating your paragraphs with another blank line, it would make your article look better. A couple of minor mistakes: writing 'there' when you meant to write 'their'.

aviral said...

Thank you sir for your suggetions .I will correct my mistakes in future. :):)