Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Expressions,thoughts,ideas and creations,
All burst forth with a single stroke,
Our mind whirls with different colours,
And our hand begins to draw what our mind has provoked. . .
Weak lines, dots, arcs and shapes,
All join together in a brave attempt,
To give sense to the unfinished image,
To retort for viewing them with contempt. . .
As the struggling picture emerges slowly,
We see a black and white scene unfolding,
Our hand glides feverishly,
Smudging, shading ,sketching and moulding. . .
As the skeleton structure is done,
We prepare to grant it life,
To cover it with flesh and skin,
We set free the colours of wildlife. . .
From just a newborn impression,
Its transformation followed its fate,
Come on fellow beings,
Its time for us to CREATE. . .
- SANJANA JAIN ( 1st year Electrical)


mayank said...

very smooth. i love it

vaibhav said...

Perhaps could have done with another revision or so before posting to edit out some weakish parts.

I really loved the flow in the poem but, good job.

Kri_tee said...

iLike :)

sanjana said...

Ah! Thanks mayank and kriti. Im glad you liked it. And vaibhav, your criticism was most welcomed.I will try editing my work better next time before posting it. Thanks.