Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life's a show, we all play our parts.
The music starts, and we open our hearts.
But don't give me a song,
Give me something to sing about.
I need something to sing about.
Life is a song that you don't get to rehearse.
And every single verse might just make it worse.
I touch the flames,and yet I freeze
Surprised as I am, unable to feel
The raindrops or the breeze
and how nothing feels real.
I am now called through the the smoke
To make my way across the Fire.
To Save the day,
Or maybe melt away.
I shall walk through this Test,
For nowhere else can I turn
The wind howls to the west,
And Maybe this time I too shall learn?
Was I meant to find my way through this maze?
As I see the Night approaching, is it all a haze?.
Set Alight shall be the pyre
the point of no return.
And I will walk through this Fire
And I shall let it burn..
Life is not a song
Life is not bliss
Life, unfortunately, is just this.
You get along eventually, and realise
The pain that you happen to feel,
Is the pain that only you can heal.


Avian said...

Forgot to add a heading? Or haven't thought of one yet?