Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here's my first

During my first year at college, I didn’t sign up for any club. I thought that the basketball and chess teams would keep me busy enough. After all, they sure did so at the time of club recruitments. But they fizzed out soon after, and watching everyone else be a part of a club and run around doing the activities assigned to them got me feeling a little jealous. Of course, not all those activities looked very appealing. I remember that the Daniels club had a task where members were asked to make cards (or something of that sort), and I was thankful I didn’t show up for the interview to that club.

One of the activities that did get me jealous though was the blogging aspect of SAASC. I wanted to be a part of such a vibrant online community and get some advice on getting better at writing. Unfortunately, the year I joined SAASC (last year) turned out to be one without any activity on the dream compass.

Here’s to bringing the blog back on track. This first week is going to be a bit dull as most newbies won’t have the courage to write what comes to their mind without being given a fixed direction. So for the first week, read the posts that the seniors will be making. Try to post comments, go through the previous archives. And if anyone still doesn’t understand any of the basics, i.e. making an account here, making a post/comment etc, approach your group leaders.

God knows they could use some more responsibility.

To the guys with the authority to do so: Think we can change the blog theme (colour scheme)? I’m sure we can find a better one if we search for it.

And can we please get the Verve schedule on the blog?


Avian said...

Worpress is far better than blogspot.
Hate the way my post looks.