Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well I cannot say that this is my first blog on this site but let’s make this my first logical blog… well I didn’t know what we couldn’t write on this blog or not so I apologize for my previous blog which was a bit childish on my part…… and now about this article please do not take me as a diehard romantic in no way does this poem have anything to do with me ….. I hope you guys like it…..

When I looked into your face

I felt Gods grace, my heart did want to praise,

Your beautiful eyes, your lovely innocent lies,

Even though my heart cries

You are beautiful Godly Divine and hence thou never might be mine

I don’t know if I have committed some crime,

For God has punished me like an unworthy dime,

This pain is terrible, the feeling is unbearable

If my love is pure then only can I be sure

For me there must be some cure

You are beautiful Godly Divine and hence thou never might be mine

My heart is bleak, no longer does it speak.

Of you what can I say?

Cause I really can’t understand your way

Let’s see if you can understand my Cray

That is want of a new day.

This song is incomplete so is my heart without thee

To the land of nod do I now dream away with glee…


volga said...

I liked the free minded run of thoughts, a nice attempt i'd say..
Talking of a few finer points, i see strained rhyming attempts at places. I think you got more worried about rhyming your lines right than writing poetry. Also you need to brush up your grammar, i won't point out the places but i hope you got the message.
Hope more of your creations see the light of the day.:)