Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crescendo Innuendo

Who has the right to judge? Why have people started to resort to truculent belittling? Is it a voice to safeguard the “devouring” morals and ethics left in our society or is it just a hidden act of one-upmanship?

You turn around and see a friend. You turn around again and you see two more. You turn around again and you see their minds insinuated with dubious thoughts for what you stand for, as if they were to decide the running morals of our society.

One speaks of what is right and what is wrong as if there were a fine line of distinction between the two. If you think about it, it’s just a relative term. Taking an example as quoted by a friend, why do people insist on vegetarianism to be the ethical thing to do? If killing of animals is considered a savage act, perhaps a mark upon ones morals, then what explains the theory of “Survival of the fittest”? History of mankind and all evidences intact shows man to be an omnivore. According to many articles there hasn’t been a culture that has thrived as vegetarians. If at all it did, the human race would be wiped out completely! So if I am a meat eater does that make me a sinister being? For some people it does, for some it doesn’t. Going by scientific research I’m just doing my bit to keep the human race going, but for some my eating habits might be a proof of me bearing unscrupulous morals.

I am just trying to find answers to an array of simple questions- who decides what is right or wrong? If at all we do find a decision maker, are his beliefs ought to be just and credible? If there doesn’t exist such an almighty jotting down morals for us, then why have people started to cook up their own theories and judgments to target one’s reputation? It could be a strong sense of jealousy and competition, to prove one better than the others or not. Everything we do has become an allusion to sinful behavior, it is frowned upon. The society we are living in has reached a confused state of what I would like to call “crescendo innuendo”.


m y s t i c said...

love this for the title! *grin*...and yeah would wanna see you write more..

I need supports for those group discussions...what say?

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thank you :D..could u elaborate more on wht group discussions u r referin to here?