Friday, September 24, 2010

Hope life has for me lots of success,
But I know at times things end in mess.
Hope life has for me smiles and cheers,
But I know life can’t be devoid of tears.
Hope life gives me company of friends great,
But I know trustworthy can’t be every mate.
Hope good fortune adorns my way,
But on every path some stones lay.
Hope things shape up as I like,
But I know uncertainties can always strike.
Hope I am good in everybody’s eyes,
But I know not everyone can think alike.
Hope I never hurt any buddy,
But not everyone’s heart I can study.
Hope life is a road trodden and smoother,
But bumps are inevitable for any traveller.
Hope I soar higher and higher,
But I know all has to come down later.
Hope I’m always confident and secure,
But I know at times fear has no cure.
Hope life never takes away HOPE,
Or with anything I won’t be able to cope.


Avian said...

You've written before, haven't you Sonam? Looks pretty good to be a first. Uniform length, punctuations to each line.. Neat work.

Looking forward to your future posts.

vaibhav said...

A good effort Sonam, I'd love to see you keep writing.

mayank said...

@ 'the above two comments': This is so much fun :)

and yes, good Job Sonam !

Anonymous said...
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sonam jhanji said...

Thanks for the encouragement!And yes i've written before.