Sunday, September 26, 2010

Erm, Excuse me

Happy as I am to see all the persuasion resulting in first years posting on the blog, It is time I made something very clear.

This blog is not your CHAT WINDOW.
While there is no restriction on what you may choose to write on (at least this week),
things like Punctuation, Indentation - a decent font are mandatory.No slang,smileys or weird abbreviations shall be tolerated. It makes your article unreadable, and is NOT cool in the least.

Please, go to the oldest posts in this blog, to see what I mean.

Read the Post titled Blogging 101 before you post, or even some of my earlier comments.

One last thing, this blog represents to people outside PEC and SAASC how we think, please keep that in mind when you choose about a subject to write on.

My Apologies for sounding too patronizing, but I hope this helps


Suchreet said...

moderators - action!
Can we also have members-only post?