Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess who's back? And it's not Shady.

Ahoy Maties!

Arrr...All aboard for a tumultuous journey into the mystical depths of literary brilliance....of narratives...of poems and of ballads...of discussions that made us get envied in other colleges (SAASC blog really got that famous!)

And that's why it shall come from back the dead..to be that place again...lively and kicking.. How we do this....well read further!

And newbies! ..join in...welcome to the club...You are the people I wanna see post before anybody else...and you will receive audience from not only the current members but also the Literary Gods of SAASC... the alumni...people whose writing we ogled to..everybody will recieve comments and even ways to how you could improve your writing yada yada.....

so matlab kaka jo hai ki likhna toh hai jo hai ... :P

How Do We Start, you say?

Okay! phew...so we decided to not rack our brains (procrastinate much you ask?) and throw the gauntlet at you...

The first TOPIC is WHATEVER Comes to your mind....Write about anything you want..anything that you feel strongly enough about to pen down...

What do I get to do this?

Another important question..I know...The answer can be anything from the following...choose the one which you like:
1.You get to show your creativity and post because you like to write.
2.You get a treat from me, vaibhav, kshitij or anybody else if we are broke..IF you're article is chosen as the best...
3.You get nothing. (lol jk)

P.S. we are working on other ways ....like getting your articles published ...in our college magazines and special dream compass compilations (already happening) or even in a public one which is circulated in Chandigarh area etc..

Okay Articles...I get it..But what more?
If you are still reading this post..kudos..Thanks for making it this far...You must be really interested :P
Alright jokes apart, I want people to post not just articles but everything that they wish to discuss ...this could be anything they want...from the wackiest stories that start like I got wasted last night... to discussing some random article from a newspaper..

Like for example

1. Formal Newspapers... like new york times..cnn-ibn ..blah blah

For example, today , BBC reported that Delhi Commonwealth Games Village is in a filthy state (*shakes head*)


So I post the link ..and write x amount of lines on what I think about it...BUT! you have to incite others to discuss about it too..Now how you do that is entirely your agenda (you can get our help if you wish to)

2. Youtube Videos.
You see a video on youtube...about music...of Obama's presidential debate ...or what not......put it here (no cheesy business though!..I m gonna delete it within 2 seconds) ...something that you wish to discuss again...

3. My personal favourites like uncylopaedia.com ...or www.newsthatmattersnot.com... (satire?)
If you like that kind of creative writing..I d be glad to see it come up...

So the keyword here: WRITE!

WRITE about anything...This is your platform..now how you use it is your prerogative.... :D
So hope to hear a keyboard punching away those enthralling characters..



Avian said...

You use an awful lot of words.
Nevertheless, I think you got the message across.
Will kick off the posts later tonight.

m y s t i c said...

Thanks for your heads up, Avian.

You get a candy nao.

Avian said...

Just making sure... I do still get that treat if I'm the only one other than you and Vaibhav to post, don't I?