Sunday, August 17, 2008

Underground Tales

greetings once again fellow bloggers.....this one's by Vaibhav Nangia from 2nd year...apparently he didn't get an invite for the blog...but that doesn't dampen the Saasc here you on...

years and years he lived underground
amidst the freaks and the frowns
trapped in his own mind
searching for his own kind

trapped together; trapped forever
destined to leave or so they thought
in the hope of something better
every battle lost for each one fought

yet he saw no reason to leave
nothing to be gained by false dreams
not a dreamer;not since may
and so he chose to stay away

although there was reason enough to be
reason to stay if they so choose to see
free for freedoms sake; he thought
his mistakes and his decision to take

looking up at the world
he saw men fight each other
he saw them kill anything that got in their way
why should i join such beasts is what he'd say
and so he chose to stay away

for months the beasts schemed
they planned and they dreamed
they had reasons is what he'd say
and till i find one ill stay away

and so he lived his days
preplanned; safe but always the same
the earth shook as the men above fought
the people above had long since lost their way
all the more reason to stay he thought
all the more reason to stay away

till one day after many a day
he chose to look up again
not that he was going to change his ways
just that he liked seeing people cringe in pain

but try as he might
to find mad killing above ground
there was not a fight in sight,no not this time
just an eerie silence all around

wierd shapes in the sky
and a thirst emanating from the ground
he looked ; and then let out a cry
no vindictive pleasure he'd have this time around

and then a light split the sky
and dogs in the air growled
ah he said because he thought he knew why
ofcourse he was wrong; and so he'd been all along

water from the sky
life sprang up from ground
ofcourse he knew not why
things like this never happened below ground

the breeze lifted his hair
the drops lifted his heart
he need not rhyme this passage
there was enough music in the air

he no longer needed a reason he thought
all he needed was an excuse
there was no battle to be won
but there were also none to be fought

and that day after many a day
he no longer chose to stay way
i never needed a reason is what he'd say
not once the rain gods had had their say


Rohit said...

carry on the good work..i suggest vaibhav, that you try writing a poem with almost the same no. of syllables in every line. and sometimes in an effort to make things rhyme, we make sentence which doesn't sound only requires patience on ur part to stop and wait for the line, that sounds good and rhymes as well, to come to u..

Ko said...

go nangia!
...and soon i will work up the courage to post amongst u titans...