Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Puddle of Mud

A good day to all you pen scribblers and tip nibblers.
A warm welcome to you all to the official SAASC blog.
Heres hoping to the best of your your words and our worlds.
Getting to the point, this is how we are going to get about things here.
Every week there shall be a topic chosen and it shall be mentioned here at the blog.
Now, what you have to do is take that topic and create whatever you can out of it.
So to kick off this week's writing spree, the topic will be "RAIN".
So take those droplets of inspiration and begin with anything ( poem, story, article, etc.)
Do remember that these works of yours will be commented on by our fellow authors.
Especially the mentors of final year.
Don't worry about how it will look on the blog, as long as it's there, it's good.
It will only help you improve and fill in on those gaps.
Looking forward to your posts


Suchreet said...

the rain goddess daalo !

interesting topic. very interesting.