Monday, August 11, 2008

Dripping Happyness

There was something that seemed to be peculiar since the moment I stretched my lazy muscles and rubbed my eyes into focus. The sleep had not quite left me when suddenly my phone beeped me to my senses. Still not ready to let go of the early morning laziness I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed. As I was walking past the window I was caught by the intoxicating dampness in the air. It seemed as it was just about to rain; and suddenly, I was loosing myself in the long lost memories; memories which have been forgotten only to be swiftly swept away in their tide when they return.

It was one of those days when everything just seemed to be falling in to place. Like a magical, self arranging jigsaw puzzle. Like when you begin to wonder, ‘is life actually that perfect?’ and this becomes the perfect moment for the dreaming part to start. I somehow managed to fall into the same perfect moment on a perfect day.

The raw smell in the air was like a messenger announcing the arrival of the heavy shower to follow. The skyline, already grey, was predicting the same. The walk back home was lonely, yet there was a distinct smile pasted on my face; being able to point out the reason behind which was as unlikely as finding flying cows. Maybe it was the grand celebration I was just returning from, maybe it was my friends who could make the dullest of days turn to golden sunshine, maybe it was the car I was hopeful of getting the coming month or maybe it was just the cool wind blowing through my hair, swirling up happiness inside me.

It started drizzling as I turned into the lane where I live and by the time I reached my front gate it was raining as if all the water in the oceans had evaporated. I was drenched to skin in a matter of seconds. The wind which had now also picked up speed was making me shiver non stop. In my rush to get into the warmth of my house, I failed to notice the small furry ball lying near the pansies in the lawn. It was only after I was all dried and warm; standing at the window with a cup of hot chocolate I noticed the addition to my garden. The downpour was so heavy that it was next to impossible to make out from inside what was lying unwanted in my lawn.

After a few moments of debating, I came to a conclusion that it was just a piece of garbage probably blown in by the strong winds. Just then when I had made a mental note to clean it up first thing when the rain stops, the garbage came to life. It was moving. Still trying to come to terms with the latest addition to the list of facts, I had already started walking to the door. It seemed as if my body was responding to my curiosity rather than will. Keeping the mug of steaming chocolate on the table I went out once again to start shivering but more to find about the intruder in my domain.

When I reached the place where I had last seen the creature, it was missing. Determined to find out about it I began hunting the garden. Finally I found in curled up in the flower bed. It seemed it had taken shelter among the many flowers from the rain. Nearing the soaked fur ball I realized it was a pup that had somehow stumbled into the garden and was now trying to find shelter from the rain.

I picked the poor creature and carried it inside. It seemed as the terror of being left alone in the cold rain had led it to curl itself into a ball. Even though I brought it inside, it wasn’t moving a limb. Being out in such weather must’ve had its toll on the little creature. Even after drying it out and wrapping him in woolens, the pup was still not moving. I placed some warm milk besides it and sat down besides waiting for him to show some sign of movement, but still it remained as still and limp as when I had picked it. Getting tired of sitting I took rest against the wall.

I barely remember when I dozed off with the ticking clock. When I woke up I realized that the dog had wiggled out of the warm wrapping and was cuddled against me. I smiled sleepily and dozed off again.

That’s how I found dripping happiness; my best friend for the years to come. My dog ‘Aqua’!!


mayank said...

we mechanchis are such girls, every single one of us :) some basic grammar errors, look into them..the detailing is places it is unnecessary..the flow keeps the intrest alive.ending could have been worked on..but nice warm fuzzy piece overall..