Thursday, August 28, 2008

Give me fuel, Give me fire...

The clouds have faded into the hills beyond.
No more am I, sitting beside Ruskin Bond.
He has left like the leopard and departed.
The days of toil have now just started.
But far into the horizon, I see a lone gull.
Hovering in my eyes, worn out and dull.
The rebels shall return and more have been born.
Into the brotherhood, they have been sworn.
So let us rejoice under this roof as whole and one.
For the writing on the wall has long been done.

Good day fellow bloggers, it's been a hot night and with relief I say it is a better morning. The sun is yet to show his might and so are you all. It's good to see the blog buzzing on but this is far from what has been expected. Writing is a hindrance at times but trust me, here is where you take on the challenge. The topic has changed and keeping it a little more abstract it shall be " My raging fire"...

Let loose the chariots of fire and create your own ashes from the dust.
Blogs not related to topic are always welcome but do try creating something out of this one.
Das Vedanya